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I am so glad you are here.The Personal and Household Organizer is designed for the woman who is overwhelmed to cope up with all the demands of a busy life. It is a collection of simple and inspiring planning worksheets and checklists that are designed to empower women across the world to edit their routines, habits and mindsets to bring CONTROL to their work and home front and enjoy a harmonized living.

idea of the organizer

"Are you working?” “NO…I’m a housewife…” Does this sound familiar to you? Yes, it is a typical conversation starter among women. Lift up your spirits woman! With days packed full of lessons, projects, and field trips - not to mention the cooking, cleaning, shopping, meetings and more - a woman’s work list is ever expanding. Phew! Undoubtedly you too are a ‘WORKING WOMAN’…the CEO of the house. So why should Organizers be limited for office use only. With that in mind, I designed this Organizer especially for women, to help keep our days, weeks, months and year organized so that we can have more time for the things that matter most. Say goodbye to disorganization and get your life together with this ‘Personal and Household Organizer’.
And be theWOWoman!

content of the organizer

PLAN - Year, month and week at a glance with to do’s, reminders, meals planning and goals, etc…
MONEY - Bill payments and budgets
CONTACTS - emergency, bank, medical, utilities, service providers and classes, etc…
TIPS - checklists, schedules, tips and guidance, etc…
‘I/ME/MYSELF’ - goals, notes, ideas and thoughts, etc…

benefits of the organizer

It may be just a book for the "try all" women who will try everything to have some sense of control and organization in her hectic and busy life, but for the women who can commit to it, its gold. It is real, user-friendly, do-able and packed with practical tips and guidelines which, if put into action will certainly help you make small but powerful changes to your home, goals, and finances and have some ‘Me time’ this year. You are more likely to have an idea of your schedule and how it will affect the rest of the family, you will have a home that is cleaned more often and more methodically, and you will know what needs to be done when. It will allow you to plan ahead, keep the craziness at bay, and focus your efforts to make your lives ‘organized’ and ‘in control’. Thus the benefits are endless.


Though I certainly believe that...

We live in an era of technology and smart phones, with access to Google Calendars and My Notes but when it comes to planning, I am absolutely a pen and paper person. Whenever something pops into my mind, I write it down in the organizer. I like having one place to write down all of my ideas and tasks. And the best part is crossing it off once done… such an achievement. At times, I get overwhelmed and I can’t figure out what to do next. When that happens, I check my organizer and it tells me what to do. With so many things to do it’s so easy to forget some. It helps keep me focused on what needs done. Do I always do everything on my list? Honestly, I can’t or rather don’t. But having it written down increases the odds that I will get it done. And if I don’t, at least I know what I didn’t do. I know that these planning pages have changed my life! I hope they can help you, too.